Transform·action: build, improve, optimize

I’m Andrew Howe, an actuary with 20+ years’ commercial experience. I thrive on collaboratively tackling hard commercial problems.

Recent experience includes a pricing review for an insurer in the IFA protection and at retirement market: re-pricing process, new business process analytics, governance and – especially – price optimization. My specialisms include:

  • pricing reviews: ensuring a fit for purpose set up – high level or deep dive.
  • price optimization: positioning to maximize contribution to profits and overheads.
  • new business process optimization: converting the pipeline – analytics, underwriting and more.

If you're an insurer trying to break into the market, or wondering about monitoring after the OFT review, do contact me.

What: services include price optimization, analytics – for the benefits of bots and recruiters, this includes data science – and risk management, using traditional (Excel, VBA, SQL) and modern (Python, Jupyter) tools and techniques.

How: I bring smart ideas and drive. I am hands-on, humble, patient and determined.

Why and when: hire me if:

  • you face difficult strategic, competitive or technical challenges
  • you are bogged down or lack resource or bench strength to deliver ideas.

Read on for more about the services I offer.

Base pricing, price optimization and product development

He has the rare quality of being an “idea guy” who is also capable (and willing) to roll up his sleeves to help implement the idea so the result is successful. Client Manager, global reinsurer

I design, model and price products, typically in highly price-sensitive markets.

  • Risk premium pricing: using multi-factor and statistical models
  • Market pricing: demand curve and price elasticity estimation
  • Outwitting competitors: using e.g. “submarine” and “hit and run” pricing

Beyond price optimization

  • Distribution
  • Marketing and special offers
  • Underwriting
  • Retention

Pricing and product development example

  • Taking a company with an expense overrun of 200% of revenue
  • Delivering 70+ products in 18 months
  • Making it profitable in under 2 years

Analytics: BI, predictive analytics and machine learning

Andrew is very much a “can do” actuary. His initial work way back in 2004 was a major factor in launching our data analytics programme. This was key to the start of Legal & General’s focus on business retention and improving business quality. Commercial Manager (Distribution Quality & Retention) at Legal & General

Robust business intelligence

Collection, interrogation of and learning from large quantities of data, to gain insight and improve business decision making.

Leading teams, or working alone, I have:

  • taken 400,000 pdfs and produced an actionable database
  • built an expert underwriting system, using customer text and the Google API
  • harvested structured content from tens of thousands of web pages
  • delivered decision support systems using Excel/VBA/Powerpivot/SQL

Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Supervised learning for estimation e.g. pricing and customer retention.
  • Unsupervised learning for e.g. text analytics, pattern recognition.

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